Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Any one who saw this article can get my best wishes for you! Happy New Year!! Enjoy your holiday!

Happy New Year Everyone

Aha, Happy New Year! Thank for your support in 2011, I very appreciate!!!

I will bring you more bridal fashion news and beautiful wedding dresses in the next year!

Hope you have a lot of fun in my blog!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watters and Watters Bridal Collection

Watters and Watters always create some of the best wedding dresses for brides! This famous brand do know how to fulfill brides' dreams, and they did this very well. Stunning details, romantic element, exclusive cuts, and brilliant design... all of these make brides-to-be crazy, some of them even uploaded some photos after they got the wedding dress of Watters.

Simple style 2012 Wedding Dresses

The new year is on the way! Brides, have you made everything done for your coming wedding? If not, this is a great chance for you to catch the latest fashion of wedding dresses 2012 here!

2012 wedding gowns do continue some wonderful elements of 2011, like handmade flowers, more and more simple style, especially lace and royal style feel, which of course, due to Kate's princess wedding!

In personality, I believe bride-to-be must want to get a simple yet elegant style wedding gown for the coming Spring or Summer, right? For this, I collect some kind of wedding dresses 2012 like this style for lovely brides. I would appreciate it if I do help you.

Sienna Miller Style

See the latest Sienna Miller style, fashion, trends, wardrobe and accessories. View ratings and vote on Sienna Miller style and fashion.
Check out the latest Sienna Miller style and fashion trends on Coolspotters. Browse and shop for all the latest style and fashion choices of today's hottest ...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses from After Six

After Six, what a famous and fashion dresses brand it is! People know it almost due to its bridesmaid dresses, which is the main strong design of After Six. Bridesmaid dresses designed by After Six have got a huge success from the beginning, stylish, fashion, and always walk at the top of the fashion.
We all get this idea, one perfect bridesmaid dress, equal to one perfect party dress or evening dress. At least, girls fans of After Six did this all the time. Even if you get the new style of this year, you cannot just throw the last year’s. That is the charm of After Six.

UGG Fashion For Brides

Who says brides must wear sexy high-heeled shoes at wedding? Wedding in the winter, of course, many brides choose warm shoes instead of sexy bare toe shoes, but sometimes, you just thought boots are too heavy, and not fashion enough, or ingore the fashion style, it should be have a little cute taste, or whatever. Just traditional boots can not achieve what you want, what about UGG?

We can see more and more brides prefer UGG than other warm shoes, by the way, consider warm, UGG will be the first boots I can think of, and you?, any way, we must admit that during these years, UGG has changed a lot, from the beginning pure color style to different kinds of creative design, it proved to us that boots can be fashion and stylish too. So, winter brides, why not select UGG for your wedding? Both cute and warm, right? And you will find another different style you never though before.

TSFP wish you Merry Christmas =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nicole Miller Dresses For Wedding

Nicole Miller, an American fashion designer, opened a lot of high-end department stores. Her fashion dresses design has got a lot of honor and recognition among other fashion designers.

Bright prints and patterns are the most common element Nicole Miller uses on her modern dresses design, which, of course, are very brilliant!
See some collection of Nicole Miller fashion dresses for wedding this season, you may love them.

Enjoy Your Wedding Honeymoon at Maldives

Maldives, paradise in real world! It is a romantic place every one dreams of! Blue ocean, soft sunshine, white beach, small excellent house upon the water… all of these attract people in the world go there. More new couples choose Maldives to enjoy their Honeymoon, brilliant decision!!

Imagine that you walk along this white beach, bare toe touch the soft sand, hand in hand with your lover, sometimes, you just want to walk like this until the end of the world.

Lying on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the greatest moment, nothing is important at that moment, just the amazing landscape, just the blue ocean…

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding dresses Online Shop: Promotion for Christmas

Christmas is coming this week. I guess you are already preparing for a big crazy shopping! Real retail or shopping mall, especially online stores, it is a great big opportunity for the business man to make money! Christmas is a big event for all people in the world now! You can almost see “on sale” everywhere! Aha, smarter like you cannot let this chance go!
What I recommend you here is wedding dresses online shop! A few good but not famous like world brand bridal online shops also have promotion activity for Christmas, you just have no chance to know them. Brides or maid of honor, here we go now!


Both for UK and United Stated brides!

Short introduction: This is a professional wedding dresses online store, the moment you enter the site you can get little about this. It is a new bridal store, so you may not hear it before, never mind, just shop around this shop, click the categories, you will find what you want.

Recommend reason: it is a fresh online shop, so, the best reason I recommend is the price!!! New shop always wants to attract new customers, so their costs of wedding dresses are always lower than other older stores. As you can find!
Most people will wonder why the price is low, does it have a good quality or not? Oh, come on! If you are a new seller, you dare to show a worse gown to your customer and want them to give you a bad record from the beginning? Of course not!!! So, no need to worry about that!


This is a very good professional wedding dresses online shop for Germany brides!

Short Introduction: Some of you in German may be familiar with this site, yes! If you spell “Brautkleider” in, you will see it got the No.1 ranking! Just a very nice site like and, two famous brand bridal online stores in German, you won’t disappoint. It offer all kinds of styles of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses, flower girls dresses, mother of the bride dresses and wedding accessories…

Recommend reason: it is still a new online store compared with and, but have got a loyal customers market and a great ranking at It can be totally trusted! And although, the cost is not lower than some stores, compared with famous brands online stores, it is quite low-cost already!

Addition good news: both of the two online stores offer free gift like gloves or jewelry which is very beautiful and amazing for each wedding dress!

If you are a bride-to-be who is planning your wedding in 2012, hope the above could help you save a lot of money on your wedding!