Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miss stardoll world is :
From Turkey
She received 37,827 votes in the Grand Finale 
Runners up :
Well done to all contestancs!
Congratulations to the winner and to other girls! :)

xoxo tokyo_mew

Monday, October 10, 2011

Makeup for non-superstars!

Makeup for non-superstars is here :D.
If you want to get it click HERE

There is also a lipsitc for 0 SC
The Eyeshadow for 60SC
Mascara 73 SC
Blush 60 SC
Rosamimo lipstic 70 SC
Vemelhobeijo lipstic 70 SC

Also a little sneak peek for my halloween make-up tutorial :

xoxo, tokyo_mew

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Hotbuys boots

The October hotbuys boots are here :
Do you like them ?... The model and design of the boots is great I like it. 
But I wish it would be in a different colour.... stardoll is using way to much pink colour in hotbuys.. 

It is from Rio - 11 SD
clich HERE to go to the starplaza

An outfit with the boots:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Hotbuys Necklace

The october hotbuys Necklace :                                        
RIO Hotybuys Necklace - 13SD
I Love the necklace.
To me it has this look of Modern Indian style.
I also adore the colours and it is a great accessorie!
Click HERE to go to the starplaza

For the picture of the real necklace by FENTON. Thanks to UStardoll

October Hotbuys

The october hotbuys are here..

I love the new hotbuys but we will see how much they cost and how they look on our medolls.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh stardoll :S..

Imagine your dreams come true and you are NCG or CG and the picture of you medoll is in small size on the front page..
Some gave a lot of work into there medolls and spend a lot of money to be SS and buy clothes to get voted and to became CG or NCG.. and this is what happen o.o .. 

Also is this just me or are some CG or NCG 2 day or more on the front page and are not changed ?.. also by Albums and Sceneries i have a felling there are a few days the same medoll written as winners......

Monday, October 3, 2011

Important - Bad News About Freebies!

You can no longer use the web proxies because when you change the link to the finish link the stardoll staff have stopped it from working. I just tested a few for myself and it wouldn't work! Maybe we could all persuade the staff to change this rule back by sending them a message by clicking HERE. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the box. All messages have to be written in proper English, so no 'u, yr, btw' etc. If stardoll reply they will send the message to your inbox. A good idea would to send a message from ALL of your accounts whether you use them or not. Let's spread the message!

UPDATE: You're more likely to get a reply by sending them an email rather than a message (I mailed them a while ago and they replied the next day) so if you want to send it to Send your message from your confirmed stardoll address!

Thanks to Underneathstardoll

Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Fall: Ankle Boots

The autumn is here and it's time to change in to something more comfortable, which keeps your ankles warm: Ankle Boots ! I searched for ankle boots that are for non-superstars and for a good price. Here they are:

1. Windows on The World: Shoes Inspired By Carin Wester 50sc
2. Bonjour Bizou: Gilded Midnight Booties 70sc
3. Folk: Midnight Satin Ankle Boots 80sc
4. Wild Candy: Belted Ankle Boots 50sc 
5. Stardoll: Gilded Jurassic Booties  90sc
6. Bonjour Bizou: Gilded Marsh Boots 80sc
7. Decades: Sienna Moccasin Heels 80sc
8. Stardoll: Patent Short Bootie 87sc
9. Bonjour Bizou: Tri Buckle Ankle Boots 50sc
10. Tingeling: Maroon Patent Booties 78sc

Most of the boots are really cheap and I might buy my favorite one of those, which is number 8. 

And for the end, I have a little poll for you. The question :

Is it hot or not to keep socks shown with ankle boots?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winter is coming !

Yes, the winter is coming. Not yet, but very soon. So today I made my first outfit to this blog and it is winter themed. Most of the items are for non-superstars. 

Here is the whole outfit:

 And here are the pieces of this outfit:

1. OTTO: Zipper duffle 40sc
2. OTTO: Knitted Peacoat 7sc
3. Bonjour Bizou: Wool Scarf 4sc
4. Bonjour Bizou: Pink Typewriter Leggings 115sc
5. Stardoll: Mukluk Boots 12sc
6. Fallen Angel: Tube Top 4sc
7. Unknow: Cropped Denim Bustier 56sc
8. Pretty n' Love: Shorts 4sc
9. Evil Panda: Biker Jacket 6sd

You can do the outfit without the leather jacket too. Some of the items are old and from starbazaar, but this outfit is made for some inspiration to all you stardollers out there. 

Have a fun time trying new winter-outfits !