Monday, November 28, 2011

Audrina Patridge Style Clothing

Celebrities make or break they can wear with fashion style like. A list of Hollywood - actress female style, and sophistication as the ideal all in one as a shoulder wrap dress is adopted. The most popular some of the hotties alike award ceremony, film premiers and gatherings this beautiful evening dress has dazzled fans and fashion critics.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses

Designer fashion wedding dresses, Claire Pettibone Bridal always insists on making the most delicate creative special gowns for brides, making woman to be a princess and magnificent goddesses as they can at the wedding.

All of the Claire Pettibone wedding dresses are created by the combination of vintage feeling and modern style, which is the item that the designer insists from the beginning. Well, she achieved that with a big success. Brides can enjoy the beauty Claire Pettibone wedding dresses bring now.

Popularity of the Cross Tattoos

The Popularity of the Cross Tattoosis on the rise as shown by the number of top celebrities getting them. Cross Tattoos On Wrist There are many types of wrist tattoos including stars, words, and wrist bands. The wrist is a great location for a tattoo that you can hide or show off as you choose.What an ideal spot for your favorite saying or symbol.
The most common location is the inside of the wrist Cross Tattoos On Wrist.They are very popular because it is easier to hide an inner wrist tattoo. Some folks like to have their wrist tattoo on top of their wrist in combination with a tattoo sleeve or hand tattoos. Even more daring is a tattoo that encircles the wrist like a bracelet.
A tattoo of this type is just like an armband tattoo but much lower. Pink has “What Goes Around Comes Around” and “TRU LUV” circling her right wrist. Popularity of the Cross Tattoos

Popularity of the Cross Tattoos

Modern Japanese Tattoo Pictures

Modern Japanese Tattoo Pictures
Japanese dragons mean different things to different people, and tattoo culture in the modern United States seems to be morphing away from what dragons represented in traditional Japanese texts, like the Kojiki and Nihongi that were written all the way back in 7th and 8th century Japan and earlier.
You can tell whether a dragon is Japanese, Chinese or Korean by how many toes it has on its feet. Chinese dragons have five toes, whereas Korean ones have four toes and Japanese dragons have only three toes. In Chinese mythology dragons represent wisdom and power. There are nine kinds of Chinese dragons, and each has a domain or a characteristic assigned to it — there are celestial, spiritual, earth, underworld, horned, winged, coiling and yellow dragons, and the king.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Popular Stylish Flower Tattoos For Girls

Tattoo designs become a fashion icon for new generation. every one want to have a new stylish tattoo design to be prominent in their friends and fields.Tats fashion is not limited now to only men it become unlimited for every one specially for girls and women. The mostpopular tattoos for girls are butterfly tattoos, Flower tattoos, small tattoos and star tattoos. I think the most likely tattoos from girls are Flower tattoo designs. The mostly Floral tattoos are on Flower tattoos on shoulder, Flower tattoos on hip, Flower tattoos on arm. I
There are many types of Floral designs as Rose tattoos, Hibiscus tattoos, Lily tattoos, Tulip tattoos and many more. They are also in colors designs and in black.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carol Hannah Elegant Bridal Gowns Collection

At the first sight I saw Carol Hannah’s wedding dresses, the word “elegance” came in my mind. Carol Hannah is a fresh bridal designer compared with other famous fashion designers, while she opens a new world herself.

Bridal gowns from Carol Hannah focus on the fabric most. You can see how light weight and high quality the materials are. All gown are handmade which the most important part! For Carol Hannah, design is all about how the fabric speaks to her. We can totally get that through her wedding dresses.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jasmine Bridal Collection

Share Jasmine Bridal Collection with you today! It is OK if you have no idea about this wedding dresses brand before, but not very good thing after you read my post, because I have the confidence that Jasmine Bridal Gowns will leave you a deep impression.

Jasmine insists its top quality both in service and wedding dresses fabrics, providing brides ultimate fashionable gowns for the big day. They design the very fit wedding dress for bride and make sure you are beautiful and charming enough at your wedding ceremony.

Take your look at Jasmine Bridal Collection, and you will find that it is worth your appreciation.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trend Celebrity Fashion

Here are some example celebrity fashion muses to get you started.

Rachel Bilson
Rachel has such a cute style and always seems to look great and effortless. She’s also a bit of a style chameleon – dressing boho fabulous one day and effortlessly glamorous the next. Of course, most effortless looks in real life take many hours to put together… Either way, Rachel is an adorable choice for a fashion muse.

Nicole Richie
Boho chic with a high-fashion twist: that’s Ms. Richie in a nutshell. Nicole is usually wearing the latest runway trends, but she mixes them with vintage pieces to create a whole new look. I personally love Nicole’s style and count her as one of my biggest fashion inspirations.


High-fashion and experimental, M.I.A.’s sense of personal style can only be described as eclectic. I love her look and give props to anyone who can pull her style off in real life. If you pick her as a fashion inspiration, expect her to always keep you guessing – who knows what this girl will be wearing tomorrow?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

MK & A are also classic fashion muses for our generation. Fashionistas have been idolizing these tiny ladies for years now, and I’m sure that won’t change any time soon. It seems kind of cliche’ to talk about the Olsen’s fashion icon status, but if you love their style, they might be the perfect choice for you.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s style is very trendy but also classic at the same time. You can always catch her wearing a designer label, and probably carrying a Birkin bag! Some of her outfits are a little questionable, and can lean toward tacky, but you have to hand it to her for always being willing to take a fashion risk!

Kate Moss

What fashion icon list would be complete without the ultimate style queen? If Kate wears it, you can bet that you’ll see it everywhere next week. I think that Kate Moss is probably even a style icon to the rich and famous! Nobody puts outfits together the way she does – her looks are always unique and fabulous.

Jessica Simpson

Spunky & trendy with a hint of cowgirl: that’s Jessica Simpson’s style. Jess loves flared jeans with cowboy boots, high heels (she’s only 5’2″), and loves trendy pieces as well. If you are always wearing your denim and describe your style as casual but sexy, Jessica might be your perfect fashion icon.

Jennifer Hudson

J-Hud is naturally gorgeous, dresses her body type so well, and obviously has a great eye for fashion. Did you see her in the SATC movie? Fabulous. Jennifer Hudson is a great example of a woman who makes fashion work for her – she’s not a slave to trends that won’t work on her body, and always dresses her curvy figure right.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Parker is a great choice for a fashion muse if you’re petite, tan, and have a classy but sexy sense of style. Eva is always wearing cute dresses, tall high heels, designer sunglasses, and carrying an expensive bag. While you may not be able to buy her 300-dollar Gucci sunglasses, you can check out her style for ideas and buy a similar pair!

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is really popular with college girls. Her style is very cute and mainstream. She sticks to a lot of basics, but always looks clean and put-together. Since she’s started her own fashion line, Lauren’s style has become a bit more experimental, and lately she’s been rocking lame’ leggings and ultra-high heels everywhere. You can bet that she’ll always be wearing the latest trends.