Thursday, April 22, 2010

thankyou nan and pop.

Tonight Gabbi, Talia and I experienced the most wonderful experience!

We were just sitting around at home after we finished dinner when the internet disconnected...
This usually happens sometimes just because the modem has been running for a long time.
So Gabbi went into the study to fix it.

When she walked into the room the touch lamp was on.
As no-one has been in there for days.

I knew all at once that it was Nan and Pop saying hello... and a rush of adrenalin ran through me.
I was so excited! not the tiniest bit scared, because it just felt so nice and peaceful. The presence was definitely a friendly and calm presence and I had been waiting for something like this for a while now.

It was so great to finally hear from Nan and Pop, I miss them so much, and this experience was definitely very comforting.

We decided to bake muffins, and we talked about how pop loved to bake muffins when he had the time, ( in between his busy schedule of bowling, sailing, dancing, cards and every other social event!)
While we were waiting for the muffins to cook we sat and watched "Top Gear" one of the shows Pop and I loved to watch together... and all of a sudden the tv switched to a signal error screen, and we knew straight away that Nan and Pop were with us.

Its such a lovely thing to know they're watching down on us. I really do miss them with all my heart. And the best part is knowing we haven't really "lost" them at all. Because they're still here with us, watching and guiding us.

I feel really lucky :)
And a lot more at ease.