Monday, October 3, 2011

Important - Bad News About Freebies!

You can no longer use the web proxies because when you change the link to the finish link the stardoll staff have stopped it from working. I just tested a few for myself and it wouldn't work! Maybe we could all persuade the staff to change this rule back by sending them a message by clicking HERE. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the box. All messages have to be written in proper English, so no 'u, yr, btw' etc. If stardoll reply they will send the message to your inbox. A good idea would to send a message from ALL of your accounts whether you use them or not. Let's spread the message!

UPDATE: You're more likely to get a reply by sending them an email rather than a message (I mailed them a while ago and they replied the next day) so if you want to send it to Send your message from your confirmed stardoll address!

Thanks to Underneathstardoll